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Complex Update - 11/10/20

As I sit down to write this statement, all kinds of emotions set in that I thought I would never feel.  The Futbolfit Soccer Complex has been such an enormous part of my life, my family’s life, and friend’s lives.  I can still remember the day that I had a 2 foot piece of wood holding against steel beams trying to figure out how to make indoor soccer fields work inside our first facility.  That was almost 12 years ago.  Not many people know that myself, my father and a good friend built from scratch with our bare hands, wood from Lowe’s, and some tools the very first facility in our original location 12 years ago.  After 5 good years at that location, I moved to the new location (the current building) and upgraded all of the fields to some of the finest material available.  It has been 6 great years since then, and completely out of the blue, we were hit with the pandemic.  For 6 months, from March until September, we were forced to be completely closed.  I held on with everything I had hoping that we could make that back once this passed.  I weathered that very tough 6 months, and re-opened back to a great community support.  Since re-opening in September, the next major revenue stream for the facility was our Winter League.  Due to the concern of the virus and potential closure again, our Winter League numbers took another major hit.  From several sources, there is a good likelihood that my indoor facility will be forced to close again at some point in the near future.  Unfortunately, I just can’t hold on anymore.  I could never thank my staff, coaches, family, and friends for all the hard work, dedication and support through our 12 years together.  Thank you to all our customers and supporters over the years.  We could have never done this journey without you.  The Futbolfit Soccer Complex will close the doors at the end of Sunday, November 15.  We plan to be open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday for rentals and open play as the last opportunities to play at the facility.

All teams and individuals that have registered for our Winter League will be getting information sent to you on refunding your payments.  Please be patient as we work hard to get that done during this entire closure process. 

I will still be working to put on some outdoor programs, camps and tournaments, and hope you will continue to support the mission of teaching and shaping youth athletes through soccer with those programs.   


Taylor Saxe